Cassie + Matt Destination Wedding- Savannah, GA

Where do I even begin? I don’t know how to start this post because Cassie and Matt have become so near and dear to my heart. We first met Cassie and Matt on their engagement day. Matt had messaged me on facebook and asked me to help him find the right vendors to put together a surprise engagement and photoshoot at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis. I said yes immediately and began planning.

First person on my list was Olivia Reed, photographer and one of the best people I know! A few other details fell into place, I did her makeup, Jamie styled her hair…. and we were set. The engagement was perfect, he had a beautiful picnic set up, and Cassie obviously said yes

A couple years later, they moved to Baltimore, then Austin, Texas- and Cassie knew she could only trust one team for her wedding day glam, and we of course said YES! We will be in Savannah in November!

Cassie + Matt naturally hired on Olivia for photography, dream team complete!! Fast forward to November, we drove to Savannah from Annapolis and had a blast. We laughed- Olivia almost had me pee my pants at a Panera, drank lots of coffee and more than enjoyed each others company. Road trips are a lost art in my opinion…..we all need to do more of them.

We got in late, but arrived at a beautiful old mansion. Cassie and Matt had rented us the cutest air bnb! The next day, we met up with family/friends/ bride + groom, it was time for the rehearsal dinner. We did a quick hair and makeup preview for Cassie, she said do your magic! Cassie loved it!

After the rehearsal dinner, Cassie and Matt had a mini couples session (I’ve included a few of these as well!)

On the wedding day, it was pretty relaxed. I got up and made everyone breakfast, (there’s a reason all my team calls me mom.) We walked a few blocks and the real party began- hair and makeup prep was underway!

Cassie has always been into all things beauty/glam, and she loved the clean, natural but slightly contoured look I gave her with her makeup. Jamie was so set on using her natural hair texture for her updo, and I’m glad they went with it. Curly, textured hair doesn’t need much help to be stunning, case in point below.

*After a few faces, a few updos and a lot of fun chatting… Cassie wasn’t sure what earring would match her dress… I said, I’ll be right back! I have the best Givenchy rose gold earrings, and that’s what she wore! They couldn’t have been any more perfect. When we say we put our brides first and pull out all the stops, we aren’t kidding!

We are so blessed to have such amazing couples and to become their friends! Cassie + Matts reception was so much fun! Cassies makeup and hair stayed perfect throughout the entire evening. We can’t thank them enough for including us on their big day!

Key products for Cassies look-

Nars Blush in Lovejoy

Huda Beauty Palette Desert Dusk

Makeup Forever Lipstick in Pink Beige