Starting New

Hi everyone!

I’ve been against blogs for a very long time, but I’m not sure why…I do have reasons but never was able to get past “everyone does them”, “ I don’t want to”, etc. But I wanted to go with a new fresh approach to blogging for our clients and future clients.

I want to highlight peoples wedding day looks and the process we to took to get there. This is one of the most important parts of the wedding day for most brides. These photos and memories will last longer than most of us will and it should be celebrated. How we FEEL about the way we look, is of the utmost importance, and it should be recognized.

Sure, we could instagram this kind of thing but I think that is all too distracting sometimes. I wanted to put them in a collective place where our clients could easily access them. Screenshot product lists and take it too sephora or ulta. As a hair and makeup pro, I think watching videos is all too involved some days. I love the way it’s presented, but in reality, I’m a reader. I want to read how it works, not just sold on cute packaging and how great a product looks on someone else, who probably has way better hair or skin than I do. SO here we begin.

This blog will serve as a way to better understand our process, goals and learn more about each of those on our team. It will show different vendors, looks, brides, locations and more. I can’t wait to have you join in with us!!